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My birthday visit

My birthday was on 2nd December every year. This year, im officially 28 years old..

I was planning to go Sipitang to visit Leanna, my girlfriend on that day. But my gf was so busy with work on that day. And i had my last night shift on that day also.

So, i went on the next day.. Saturday. It was my restday. I reach home from work around 9am. After taking a bath then a breakfast. I hurried myself to kk. I stop by Moe House in Star City to leave my extarnal hdd there. After that, i walk from there to the taxi station in Bandaran.

Lucky for me, i was the last one for the taxi to move. But, kinda bad luck for me coz it was cramp inside. 3 grown up man (including me) in the back seat.. it was painful.

I reach sipitang around 1pm. The taxi fee is RM25. It was raining when i reach there.

I wait my gf at the food stall, where they have the best satay and chicken wing..

My gf arrived few minutes later. She prepared a present on the passenger seat.

She gave me a very wonderful jacket.. i tried to put it on, but my bag is hidering my movement. So i put my back on the back seat. As i putting my bag on the back seat, i saw a box. A pink box. Its a cake box! Then, my gf complaint to me that i shouldnt see it.. it should be a surprise. Well, u should cover it properly next time my dear XD

As we reach her house. I greet her mom. Very nice lady :) she was kinda bz with her work that time, so i help my gf preparing food for lunch. They prepare 2 curry chicken. One is a normal curry chicken, which its should be more spicy according to leanna. And the other one us Philipino style

Satay and chicken wing was also served.. i had lunch with my gf, her little sister, Mumui and their mother.

After that, they bring out the cake.. i light up the candle myself on my birthday cake and blow it off.. LOL!!

The cake.. btw, WHO'S PIJAL!!??

me cutting the cake

The cake was nice, its a blueberry cake :)

After lunch, her mom had to go back to work, while me and leanna are doing some photo shoot..

She found a gas mask and decide to play with it and me as the model

The edited photo after photo shoot

Around 3.30pm, i had to leave. I greet her mom again, telling her im going home. Then my gf and me went to the Sipitang. I bought a durian for my mom.. I went back to kk by bus express at 4.30pm and reach kk around 7pm. Funny moment, the bus passed infront of my house in kinarut, but i cant stop there. Coz i leave my bike in Star City.

So thats how i spent my birthday this year. It was great. Thank you my love for the best and special lunch :*
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maslight said...

Awww so sweet. But who is Pijal? adui sakit perut ku ketawa. Typo ka?

Pjal said...

lol! well, you know her.. XD