11:27 PM

Night Trails photo

on 19th March 2011.. me and my girlfriend went out for some photo shoot.. the location is Karamunsing. She want to make a night trails of night roads....

it was full moon that night, a bit cold because it's gonna rain.. so, we went on the pedestrian bridge near the church there.. and here are some i took with my digital camera Lumix

sadly.. i forgot to change the file size in my camera. the setting was 2MP ;_;

oh, some side story:

i told Leanna that, around the Petronas building and the hotel area is full of "okama"
and she said to me:
"im gonna be okay, but your not.."


4:13 PM

2011 first post

ohai.. it's been faaaaaaaaarr waaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooo long i haven't update this blog.

no, it's not that im busy.. and no, it's not that im lazy *look other way*

it's just.... actually.... i err- i- i for- I FORGOT MY PASSWORD! I FORGOT HOW TO UPDATE MY BLOG POST!

*run away crying in shame*

P.S. : btw, about my last post here.. the Jubeat post.. it's actually not a real Jubeat.. it's a fake.. orz
P.P.S. : Happy New 2001 Year! how was it, 2011 to you??