8:31 PM

my New Year's Eve

My new years eve was not that grand.. not bad either.. had some good part and bad..

4 hour before 2010, i started my journey to my work place. (Yeah, i work on New Year's Eve..) my shift start at 11.30pm. I had to leave early because i want to avoid road block and traffic jam..

on my way, i made a few stop.. the first stop was, near the Jesselton Point. where the Stompin Sabah was held.. (i wish i was there.) I can see the stage from the port.

they were still preparing for the countdown, if u saw lights like UFO on the sky last nite.. dont worry, it's was them.. they had 2 huge spotlight, circling in the sky

after that i made a stop at Tanjung Lipat.. time was 8.30pm.. only 3 and half hour left before the new year 2010.. and that place was fill with people.. some even bring tent and some even bring laptop

on normal day, this place are not allowed to open a food stall.. but, i guess the DBKK made an exception for the night..

i didnt stay long either, so i went to UMS.. and wait for 11.30pm..
while waiting, i notice it tonight was full moon.. and cloudy

and the tide is high..

i wasnt alone while waiting, i had someone with me.. :D
it was dark.. and i need some lights XD

after 11.30pm, half four before 2010.. resident of ums are starting to gather at ipmb.. got couples and friends.. some are having bbq..

few second for the 2010..
the ships out on the sea were firing some flares and making some noise..
telling, it's almost time..

this is KK in 2009

and this is KK in 2010

Happy New Year..

6:06 AM

Unlimited Archery Works

Today.. at noon, during my lunch break.. me and my friend went to the Stars Archery at 1Borneo.. it's an indoor archer range. I've been wanting to try it since it's open. But! before that.. i need to eat! hey, it's lunch time.. XD

there's one place i wanna try the food.. i've been passing that place many time, and the smells coming from that place is good.. the place i mention is called Home Recipe.

they have 15 menu (or, was it 16?? i forgot.. lulz) there, and each of it cost RM6.00 and the drinks cost RM2.50 except, Herbal tea RM1.50.. it's a little bit expensive compare to other place.. but hey! Here's the good part, NO 5% TAX AND THE FOOD TASTE DAMN GOOD!

and i ordered item no.4 Penang Curry Noodle RM6.00

and here it is.. (yeah, i know.. it's not cute)

so, after i had my lunch.. went straight to the Star Archery.

as we get there.. my friend have some "business" to take care.. so, i go first.
the price for one person is RM9 with 12 arrows. they even let me use the gear for free..
for first timer like me, they give basic lesson. They teach me how to hold the bow properly.

here's the price list

so, this guy is helping me out.. he's the one teach me the basic. good guy!

i play twice, the first one, i play alone.. the 2nd time me and my friend. so, for 2 people.. it cost RM16 with 24 arrows (12 each. but, i took some from my friend.. XD)

getting get to use to the shooting XD
you can see my score on the monitor.. it was horrible~ >_<

on my last arrow.. the last arrow bounce back! it didn't even stuck to the score board! >////<

owh well~ at least, i tried and i had fun.. my left elbow hurt. coz, holding the bow and aiming at the same time wasn't easy as you think!

but! i sure wanna go there again! it was fun!!! XD