5:28 AM


after looong i register as a blogger, finally.. i post some update in my blog account~ look at the date of my first post! that is the day i register as a blogger.. XD

well, the reason i didnt update any post here.. i dont have much to talk about.. my life is not that exited as indiana jones or Chuck Norris!! XD

well, i guess i just post some bla bla bla here.. (hope u dont mind)

like my background?? it's Grimjaww a.k.a Grimmy!!! XD
it's just a desktop wallpaper.. but, i use it as my blog background, for now! but, from my monitor.. it look too big! dunno how it look from ur PC.. plz let me know if there something wrong!

im gonna made my own background soon.. (when i have some idea)


starting this year.. i finally start collecting some gundam n figma..
currently i have 2 gundam from anime Gundam00

kyrios n cherudim
(i got this two from ArmoryOne)

kurosaki ichigo n grimmjaw jaggerjack
( i got this two from seremban, i ask my bro to buy it for me!)
(errr.. is this what u call figma? coz, my friend said.. its a gashaphon)

next month.. im gonna angkat Gundam00 Exia! after that dynames and vitrue~

i always wanted nendroid Miku!! arrrgghh!! dunno when i can get my hands on it!!!
it seem i have to sacrifice something to get it~~

*evil laugh


other then that.. i do have some anime collection DVD.. most of it are comedy n lovey dovey genre..

but! in whole collection i have, there's one anime that i only watch ONCE!!

SHE the ultimate weapon

yeah, it's too teary for me!! i feel sooooo sorry for those couple!!
i almost cry while watching this anime.. >///<
this anime have 13 episodes.. and i watch it the whole night after i bought it!!

a salute to gonzo studio!!


well, that's all from me! i got nothing else to say in this post.. har har!
thank you for reading my nonsense..
i will update some moar nonsense later...