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Logos Hope, the biggest floating bookstore has reach here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Went there today with my girlfriend. There entrance fee is only rm1,

My girlfriend said that last year they have to walk from the harbour entrance to the ship, which is kinda far.. but this year, they provide a bus.

As we went inside we were greet by the staff. Before we went in the book area, there is a brief explaination about the ship and how they tag the price. Such as, a book with price tag 100unit, the book cost RM8.00

We didnt sit around for the brief since this is the 2nd time my girlfriend went there. So, we went take a look at the history wall of the ship.

Some of the stuff and part of the history of the ship

The old Telescope

The Baronmeter

The Sextant

It never stop their mission After that, we went inside to see the books. There were a lot of people inside.

I didnt buy alot, coz not much got my attention. And i dont have enoug cash

This caught my attention.

I sill dont where.. orz

Anyway, after done buying some books, i end up bought 1 we passes the theater area and cafe area.

The menu

There were 3 foreign clown there. But we ignore them and move on.

Next to the cafe, there was a wall full of yellow note. It's full of word encouragement.

We went straight out to the exit as i wasnt feel so good due to the ship wobble to the left and right. Its been a long time i didnt get seasick.. LOL

The outside of the ship. Didnt take much photo of it, as it was still raining.

Well, thats all about my first experience of the MV Logos.

Oh btw, this is the book i bought. Its cost 200unit

Thanks for reading!
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maslight said...

Ko suka tu kan yang sextant tu. *roll eyes. Bisuk kami pigi! XD

Pjal said...

Lol! You read my mind.. i know you like it too XD