9:24 AM

New member \(^o^)/

this month i bought 4 item for my collection!! 1 of it, is a Celestial Being action base, 2 of it are 1/144 HG Gundam and 1 of it is.. a 1/7 scale PVC figurine...

this is what i bought~

Seerave Gundam + Celestial Being action base

Arios Gundam

Chaos Gate : IGNIS

all of it are around RM320
i spend a lot this month.. ^^;

so, this is what i have in my collection now~

next month.. my target is..

- 1/8 PVC figurine Fate/Zero OR Jingai Makyo - Makimoto Misae Fantastica Ver. Non Scale PVC Figure
- 1/144 HG 00 raiser