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DIY pedobear head

originally, i plan to wear the Pedobear head in this year Hobbycon. But.. since 31st July 2010 was suppose to be my last day working in UMS due to my contract expired, i plan to leave a little memories by joining the event and have fun with the Pedobear head...

but, my contract have been renew for 3month (YAY!) and the plan doesn't went as i thought.. and lucky none of my co-worker was there.

in all convention (either anime or gaming related) i see trough internet, atleast someone will wear as a Pedobear.. and last 2years Hobbycon i attend.. i didnt see one or more likely, no one was planning to be one.. so, i decided.. to be one!

so yeah, this year Hobbycon i will be a Pedobear again on day 1.. and let me inform you all that i wont be wearing a full body pedobear suits. Daiso have the fabric, but that size wont be enough.. and if i were to use the fabric from Daiso, it's gonna cost me A LOT!

so.. sorry, no full body pedobear. but i will wear something that will go with the head.. :3

now in this post, im going to share how i create the Pedobear head or should i say... Pedobear helmet :3

1st to make is the frame.
the material you need to make the frame is bendable wire, a masking tape and a "Manila card" (what do u call it in english??)

the bendable wire, depend on you which size you prefer.. but in my case, i go with the thin. because it's easy to shape it..
you can get these wire from a hardware shop for RM2 a roll..

i use my own head to create the frame.. below is simple frame i used

next is..use the "Manila Card" as the layer for the frame.. and cut it according to the frame..

use masking tape to stick the layer to the frame.. i used masking tape because it was simple.. :3
now.. you have the frame for the helmet..

now for the skin.. the fabric i use is known as a felt. correct me if im wrong here.. i bought 2 piece 70cm x 70cm for RM10.
1 piece doesent cover the whole frame..

now, the step here is same as the manila card before..



sew it togather, and you have this

draw the position for eye n mouth

about the ear.. the brown is the left over for the head. the light brown felt is also from Daiso for RM5. i bought the small one.. i dont remember the size..sorry about that!

inside the ear, i used a styrofoam insted of a cotton.. yes, cotton is better. but i prefer styrofoam because it's easy to shape the ear.
same steps with the upper lips.. (what do u call it for bear??)

now cut and make hole on the eye and mouth (you can skip the mouth if you want too, i didnt coz i need to comunicate.. lolz)

use a light pick color felt (which you can get in Daiso for RM5.) 9cmx9cm should be enough to cover the mouth..

after you sew the mouth cover, now put the upper lips and bottom lips on top of the light pink mouth to cover the stiches.

for the eye.. i use a Clip UP Sunglasses no.2 i bought it from Daiso for RM5 also.
put the sunglasses lens BETWEEN the skin and the frame. use the clip and clip it on the wire frame..

and there you have it..

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Japanese Culture Night 2010

31st July 2010 - UMS, the member of Japanese Club Culture once again create Japanese Culture Night Event... it's an event where everything about Japan

i arrived at Chancellor Hall 3pm.. decided to come early because my friend cant join me.. so, i had to set up my stuff all by myself.. lucky i didnt carry many stuff... only a box of my nendoroids and my- ehem! surprise.. :D

i finished setting up my booth around 4.30pm ( i think) and take a rest for a while.. i decided to join this event because, 31st July should be my last day working in UMS due to my contract end. So, i thought gonna do something for memories here.. Thank God, they renew our contract (although, at this moment.. still haven't sign the new contract)

around 5pm, the place started to pack.. the visitor keep come and go. Many people enjoy taking picture of my collection.. among of the nendoroid i bring, they more interested on the K-ON!

other booth show up is the Hobby Kingdom, Hobby Densetstu, Kirameki Cafe, Boutique Cupcakes... etc (actually, i dont remember all.. lolz)

This is my booth

thanks Massy for bringing Reimu..

The maid of Kirameki Cafe... CALL ME MASTER!!! MWAHAHAHAHA! juz kidding.. XD

Hobby Kingdom display (i want that burger too.. lol)

around 5.30pm (i think..) i started to take out my surprise item, and wear it..

yes... a pedobear head

my first attack was the maid at Kirameki Cafe.. (image credit to Addy Nova)

and then, taking picture with the cosplayer and friends..

the event program started at 7pm.. i cant leave my booth, so.. i let them have fun with the head..

there's a sumo competition in the event.. and guess what?

they enter the competition wearing it... ROFL!

and WIN!! (image belong to Charles Lai)

i didnt know what happen after that.. coz, i was at my booth..

around 9pm, i closed my booth and went inside the hall and join the bon odori dance and more taking picture with other cosplayer and girls in Kimono..

the event end at 11pm.. i had fun that night.. although, i missed too see some of the performance.

to end this post, i leave some of friends wearing the pedobear head.. guys, im glad u like it..

this one is my favorite...

thank you for reading..

(yes.. i know this post is full of pedobear picture.. it's all part of the plan~ )