3:15 AM

bla bla bla and arrrgghhh

ok, haven't update this blog due to busy daily life such as playing Grand Fantasia, Plurking.. window shopping and my everyday job..

everything was okay.. until this this month..

my loooooong awaited, my FIRST ever Nendoroid EXCLUSIVE has arrived.. along with my Nendoroid Luka.. i was so happy to see it on my bed after i come home. So, i opened it with full enjoyment..

then, i saw....


all the enjoyment i had, turn out to be like this...

then.. few days after that.. i had a call from TMnet regarding my outstanding bill. She said, i have 2 MONTH unpaid bill.. and i was like..

i havent RECEIVED any bills for the last 2month.. and plus the latest bill it's 3 month!

hey David, anything to say to the staff of Pos M'sia??

and last Friday, was also bad for me.. had a tummy ache and i'm still having my cough. I think, it's been 3 weeks now.. i think??

on my way home after work.. my rear tire suddenly flat! and i heard people laughing at me while im riding my bike from UMS to Kingfisher's motorcycle workshop.

then, around Petagas.. my bike suddenly stop! and i cant start it. i tried to call home, but my hp is out of credit.. i saw a few phone booth near bus stop. i decided to make a call using it.. but WTF! the phone dont have a handle! ALL OF IT!!

yeah.. so that's has been happen lately.

i wish this mishap over by this week..