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a new arcade has arrived here in kk.. and it's known as JUBEAT

what is Jubeat?

Jubeat (ユビート Yubīto?) is a series of arcade music video games developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, and is a part of Konami's Bemani line of music video games. The series uses an arrangement of 16 buttons in a 4x4 grid for gameplay, a grid also used for the displaying of cues and part of the user interface.The game went on several location tests in Asia since December 2007, and was released on July 24, 2008.[1] in Japan, and December in Hong Kong and Macau. Two attempts to localize the game for the United States market have been made since August 2008, including UBeat, a variant of the first version, and Jukebeat in 2009, a variant based on Jubeat Ripples.


The basic gameplay of the series is similar to Nintendo DS music games such as Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents and can be considered to be similar to Whac-A-Mole. Animated explosions or other animations, called "markers", that can be chosen at the song select screen are shown within the panels synced to a track of the player's choosing; when they reach a "hot point", which is dependent on the marker chosen, the player must tap the corresponding screen to score points. Taps can be judged as either Perfect, いい感じ (Good), 早い (Fast), or 遅い (Slow). 3 difficulties (Basic, Advanced, and Extreme) are offered for each song. As with other Konami games, an e-Amusement card can be used to save statistics and a player ranking, and can also be used to access unlockable songs. Single player and linked multiplayer modes with multiple cabinets are also offered
via wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jubeat

this game is really fun to play.. It's located in Center Point Sabah, 5th floor in Fun Square. To play this game u need 4 token which cost RM2. I've been playing few times in this 2 weeks, not everyday actually.. i think i've spent almost RM20 for it.. (i think it's more that that..lolz)

but, there's few little problem..

1. there's only few song i like..
2. it's not a REAL Jubeat orz.. this machine is called Magic Box.. but, the gameplay is similar to the real Jubeat
3. the machine is place NEXT to that basketball game (you can see in the first picture of this post..) im really worried that one of that ball would bounce and hit my face while playing it.

they say there's 4 machine in Fun Square. 2 were located at the entrance, i dont know where the other 2 is.. they say it's on 3rd floor? i havent go there yet..

anyway, here's some video of me playing it.. this video was taken last week..

there are some song extreme mode with high level but easy, and there some with low level but so hard as it in high level.. that's the fun about this game.

im gonna memorize the beats from the video i took and gonna aim for a SSS.. lol, i wonder how long will it take for me to get that SSS.