2:39 AM

January 2010

havent update anything since New Year..
well.. it's almost a month for 2010.. so far everything was good.. (except my work.. =___= *sigh)

my nendoroid collecting is getting bigger~ and i have a blog just for it.. http://nendorianworld.blogspot.com/

my room getting messy because of it.. box are piling up..
...while my money in my bank is getting less ^^;

sure is a mess..

....my table too.

gonna do some cleaning this weekend.. also, i need to wash my bike and change the oil.. *sigh*

so, last weekend.. i went to Tanjung Aru, alone (so lonely) to take some shot of my nendoroid and at the same time, visiting my previous work place..

did some pic there.. but, none of my nendoroid.. it's not that i'm shy to show people im playing with "dolls/toys"

it's because of these..

so many damage there..
btw, click on the image to see turtle XD
i didn't manage to get a pic of them closer, coz they was FAST running away.. now, who said that turtle are slow??

also, almost all the tree there have these.. i guess, almost all tree in KK have these.. i saw same thing near Wisma MUIS. The two huge tree over there also have these

i visit my previous work place.. Tanjun Aru Seafood Restaurant
but, i forgot that they only open at night..

i want to stay longer there.. but, the weather that day wasn't on my side..
so, i decided to go home early..

will make a full cover of my previous work place in next blog..