9:25 AM


on 21st June 2009.. my shift at that day is 2nd shift. the 2nd shift start at 2.30pm to 11.30pm

there isn't much work during the 2nd shift.. all that we had to do was turn on the light after 6pm, turn off the light after 11pm and attend complaint..

BUT! 21st June is SUNDAY! the most boring day of the the week.. i rather work on saturday then working on sunday because, after we turn on the light all building after 6pm, we're on STAND BY MODE.. we cannot leave the office.. it's so damn booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring!!

on regular day, we always got a call after 6pm.. but on sunday.. NO ONE CALL!!!

so, on that boring day.. one of my friend which also working on a same shift as me.. he took a nap. coz, he was "busy" all night..

yes.. he sleep on the table!

after few minutes, he started snoring.. and it was a loud snore and annoying.. so, i leave the room. i went checking on my bike, then i made myself a cup of coffee.. when i come back in the room..


after i finish my coffee, i had nothing else to do.. it was really painful waiting untill 11pm

looking at my friend still sleeping comfortably with his annoying snore.. i had some evil idea in my mind.

so, i took a pen and a piece of paper.. and wrote it:

to my dear friend who do not understand what was wrote there.. it means : RAPE ME!!

after that, i leave it on his body

until this day, he still doesnt know about this incident..

12:13 AM

My First Figma

weeee~~~ finally, i have own a figma.. and it's Hayate from Lyrical Nanoha.. XD
here's some shot i took using camera handphone

{Dengan Kuasa Bulan.. Akan MENGHUKUM MU!!)