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3D mikumiku dance

a 3D model of hatsune miku and a video recording plus position tracking.. what do u get??

this video was taken from niconico douga
here's the link the video..

what i liked the most about this video is the airship at 3:20.. woohooooooooooooooo!!! totally awesome~ also, at the end of this video.. XD
may be, the movie KNOWING also use position tracking to create the plane crash scene

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Following the footsteps of many other Japanese mangas, "" will get its own live-action adaptation. In recent reports, it has been claimed that Mandalay Pictures have picked up the rights to develop a feature version of the Japanese manga series which blends action, comedy and high school romance. While planning to bring the manga to the big screen, Mandalay have yet to set up this proposed adaptation project at a studio. The Hollywood Reporter, in addition, suggested that "" star has shown his interest in this movie and further claimed that the 21-year-old actor has held a conversation on the project. The picking up of "Full Metal Panic" big screen rights only adds up to the already growing list of Japanese manga's live-action adaptations. "", "", "", "", and "" are some of the in-development manga adaptations. "Full Metal Panic" follows the story of a teenage anti-terrorist commando named Sousuke Sagara as he is given the mission to protect a high-school girl with mystical powers. Originally being serialized in the monthly light novel magazine Gekkan Dragon Magazine, this Shoji Gatoh's novel has spanned into manga and eventually anime series.

Source : http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00023348.html

so, here's some poster of FULL METAL PANIC! live action poster IF, Zac Efron play as Sagara Sousuke..

What do u think about the poster Zac??