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Logos Hope, the biggest floating bookstore has reach here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Went there today with my girlfriend. There entrance fee is only rm1,

My girlfriend said that last year they have to walk from the harbour entrance to the ship, which is kinda far.. but this year, they provide a bus.

As we went inside we were greet by the staff. Before we went in the book area, there is a brief explaination about the ship and how they tag the price. Such as, a book with price tag 100unit, the book cost RM8.00

We didnt sit around for the brief since this is the 2nd time my girlfriend went there. So, we went take a look at the history wall of the ship.

Some of the stuff and part of the history of the ship

The old Telescope

The Baronmeter

The Sextant

It never stop their mission After that, we went inside to see the books. There were a lot of people inside.

I didnt buy alot, coz not much got my attention. And i dont have enoug cash

This caught my attention.

I sill dont where.. orz

Anyway, after done buying some books, i end up bought 1 we passes the theater area and cafe area.

The menu

There were 3 foreign clown there. But we ignore them and move on.

Next to the cafe, there was a wall full of yellow note. It's full of word encouragement.

We went straight out to the exit as i wasnt feel so good due to the ship wobble to the left and right. Its been a long time i didnt get seasick.. LOL

The outside of the ship. Didnt take much photo of it, as it was still raining.

Well, thats all about my first experience of the MV Logos.

Oh btw, this is the book i bought. Its cost 200unit

Thanks for reading!
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Subject 1:

The worm

Subject 2:

A girl

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Monday, the first day of every week.

Every Monday, i always feel weak, grumpy and moody.. it's like im a woman having PMS.. Orz

So, i need some motivation. What i need now is some Motivational Poster!

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busy night

Im writing this post at 1am of Saturday, 19 November 2011

This is one of the night im planning not to sleep. The last time i remember doing this kind of thing is when i was still a student in Politeknik Kota Kinabalu, 2002. Night of exam week. But, tonight is different.. and some more, a bit special.

1. Im finishing some stuff for this year Hobbycon

2. Today, there will be a group of family visiting my home for my sister. (i hope im saying that right.. oh well :p )

It's gonna be busy this morning as im gonna help my mom cooking in the kitchen. I'll be doing a carry heavy stuff, while my mom will be cooking.. 

My grandmother is also here right now, but i dont think she will be able to wake up that early. So, i guess it's gonna be me and my mom.

I hope things will work fine in the morning.. i need to pick up my motorcycle also, flat tyre. 3 small wire pierce my rear tyre. Lucky for my, i notice it before i start my bike. It would be much worst if it suddenly flat while im on the road. Trust me, its terrible.. orz, painfull memory coming back..

Thats it for now, gonna continue my work. Have a nice day

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latest news

Havent update my blog for a very very long time... Its not that im too lazy about it, or having a block. Its just that, i dont have internet connection now.. thats all..

The only time i can online is a place where available if wifi.

Oh yeah, did i mention im updating this blog via Android apps? Im using my new phone which i currently loving it.. the HTC Desire HD

I bought it few month ago. Well, i didnt pay it in cash.. i pay it monthly via AEON. Yeahhh, i know the interest is high.. i heard it a lot. But, it worth my money.

At first, i was aiming for that sexy Samsung S2. But, by the time i got there (at senq) it was sold out.. and iSad.. but the lady recommend me to get the HTC Desire HD. So, i just took it..

And so, here i am.. with my very first smartphone.. surfing the net, reading manga, facebook-ing.

Oh, speaking of Facebook.. its spreading wild.. everyone using it and everything went in there.. politics, racist, assholes, bitches, abuser etc etc

Few days ago, there was a video of a couple in a playground. No, they werent dating or playing around.. they were 'playing around'. What? You dont get it? Ok.. THEY WERE HAVING SEX. The dude was so horny and cant wait to get in her pants. While the bitch (wearing tudung) did resist a bit (resist as "not here"). Which in the end she give up and pull down her pants a bit so his horny boy friend can cum in her pants.. *sigh* bitch and asshole.

While yesterday, there was a photo of a girl taking of herself naked. Dont know why she do that, maybe to show to her boyfriend.. but it end up in internet.. attention whore??

Well, anyway.. thats my rant in this latest post.

Btw, im going to KL this December :D

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