9:50 AM

busy night

Im writing this post at 1am of Saturday, 19 November 2011

This is one of the night im planning not to sleep. The last time i remember doing this kind of thing is when i was still a student in Politeknik Kota Kinabalu, 2002. Night of exam week. But, tonight is different.. and some more, a bit special.

1. Im finishing some stuff for this year Hobbycon

2. Today, there will be a group of family visiting my home for my sister. (i hope im saying that right.. oh well :p )

It's gonna be busy this morning as im gonna help my mom cooking in the kitchen. I'll be doing a carry heavy stuff, while my mom will be cooking.. 

My grandmother is also here right now, but i dont think she will be able to wake up that early. So, i guess it's gonna be me and my mom.

I hope things will work fine in the morning.. i need to pick up my motorcycle also, flat tyre. 3 small wire pierce my rear tyre. Lucky for my, i notice it before i start my bike. It would be much worst if it suddenly flat while im on the road. Trust me, its terrible.. orz, painfull memory coming back..

Thats it for now, gonna continue my work. Have a nice day

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