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Hobbycon 2011 - day 1

Hobbycon, one of Sabah acg convention which held once a year. This year, it's their 5th year and Hobbycon was held in Suria Sabah mall, Kota Kinabalu.

Each year, its getting bigger and fantastic. Which this year, is the best.. for me lahh, i dunno about the other visitor. XD

This year, more booth and more stage activity added to their list. Such as All-Star cosplay march, Anime Quiz, Rubic contest, 4 koma contest and etc.

One of the highlight of this year event was the special guest. This special guest is from Japan. She an idol, a singer and a voice actor..

She is, miss Aimi Terakawa! The voice actor of Suiko from anime Cardfight!! Vandguard.

She perform on both days. Also, she had a sign session and a gunslinger session with her.

On day 1, i didnt had the chance to go see the stage performance, the All-Star march and all the cosplayer as i was busy at the Bushiroad booth giving tutorial on playing Japanese TCG, Cardfight!! Vanguard.

I teach almost 20 people the whole day. Screaming my voice out to win over the loud speaker that happening on the stage.

Around 2.00pm, the autograph session with miss Aimi Terakawa start. There were alot of people lining up. Most of them are the fan of the anime Cardfight!! Vanguard and player of the cardgame.

I had 2 of my favorite PR Weiss Schwarz sign by miss Aimi Terakawa.

My Haruhi and Idol m@aster PR card

(sorry, at this point. No taking picture is allowed due to their policies.)
After the sign session, is the gunsling with miss Aimi Terakawa. A card duel 1 on 1 with her. Only 1 person will be choose to play with her. The lucky person is choosen by doing a Jan Ken Pon with her. The winner can play with her.. and im not that lucky person. Orz

The first game is Weiss Schwarz. Only Trial Deck can be use, because miss Aimi use Trial Deck also. She have Fate/Zero deck, Guilty Crown deck, Persona 4 deck and Milky Holmes deck.

The lucky person was one of my friend. He use a Bakemonogatari upgrade deck while miss Aimi use
Guilty Crown (if im not mistaken here)

The 2nd game is Cardfight!! Vanguard duel. But, only English Starter Deck can be use. Because miss Aimi also using an English Starter Deck.

On that day, only one person have the English Starter Deck. Because he bought it at that time!

The last game, is also a Cardfight!! Vanguard. But, its an open to deck. The challenger can use his/her own upgrade deck. And miss Aimi use her very own deck.

After the gunsling session is the lucky draw.. well, not actually a draw ballot of the box. Just a Jan Ken Pon with miss Aimi. The giveaway is some Bushiroad Wrestling t-shirt, Milky Holmes t-shirt and a sign deck box by miss Aimi.

At this time, i didnt realise that the stage event had ended. After the session with miss Aimi end, its was our turn to get her sign. Since we didnt line up during the autograph session. When she leave the booth, i say to her "arigatogozaimas" to her. And she reply back at me with a beautiful smile. At that time, my heart beat was beating fast for few second.. <3 Finally, i got the chance to walk around to see. But, at that time all the cosplayer already leave only the booth are still open. I went around and take some picture of it. Rigzone had a demo of MW3

Revo toys booth

Kktoys booth

Bushiroad and Moe House booth. This is where i spend my time for the whole day

Kawaii Madness booth

Hobby Kingdom booth

CK paint shop

Carcasean cafe booth

DK Fashion House booth

TacTic booth

Warhammer booth

Doujin section

At the TDD table, they held a comic strip contest and i join. All you need to do is draw the ending of a 4 panel comic strip, title 'the magician'

What i submit was kinda...err... Disturbing?? Well, anyway.. i will tell you the result in part 2 of Hobbycon day 2. Coz, that was the last thing i did before i leave the place.

-continue in part 2-

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My birthday visit

My birthday was on 2nd December every year. This year, im officially 28 years old..

I was planning to go Sipitang to visit Leanna, my girlfriend on that day. But my gf was so busy with work on that day. And i had my last night shift on that day also.

So, i went on the next day.. Saturday. It was my restday. I reach home from work around 9am. After taking a bath then a breakfast. I hurried myself to kk. I stop by Moe House in Star City to leave my extarnal hdd there. After that, i walk from there to the taxi station in Bandaran.

Lucky for me, i was the last one for the taxi to move. But, kinda bad luck for me coz it was cramp inside. 3 grown up man (including me) in the back seat.. it was painful.

I reach sipitang around 1pm. The taxi fee is RM25. It was raining when i reach there.

I wait my gf at the food stall, where they have the best satay and chicken wing..

My gf arrived few minutes later. She prepared a present on the passenger seat.

She gave me a very wonderful jacket.. i tried to put it on, but my bag is hidering my movement. So i put my back on the back seat. As i putting my bag on the back seat, i saw a box. A pink box. Its a cake box! Then, my gf complaint to me that i shouldnt see it.. it should be a surprise. Well, u should cover it properly next time my dear XD

As we reach her house. I greet her mom. Very nice lady :) she was kinda bz with her work that time, so i help my gf preparing food for lunch. They prepare 2 curry chicken. One is a normal curry chicken, which its should be more spicy according to leanna. And the other one us Philipino style

Satay and chicken wing was also served.. i had lunch with my gf, her little sister, Mumui and their mother.

After that, they bring out the cake.. i light up the candle myself on my birthday cake and blow it off.. LOL!!

The cake.. btw, WHO'S PIJAL!!??

me cutting the cake

The cake was nice, its a blueberry cake :)

After lunch, her mom had to go back to work, while me and leanna are doing some photo shoot..

She found a gas mask and decide to play with it and me as the model

The edited photo after photo shoot

Around 3.30pm, i had to leave. I greet her mom again, telling her im going home. Then my gf and me went to the Sipitang. I bought a durian for my mom.. I went back to kk by bus express at 4.30pm and reach kk around 7pm. Funny moment, the bus passed infront of my house in kinarut, but i cant stop there. Coz i leave my bike in Star City.

So thats how i spent my birthday this year. It was great. Thank you my love for the best and special lunch :*
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Logos Hope, the biggest floating bookstore has reach here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Went there today with my girlfriend. There entrance fee is only rm1,

My girlfriend said that last year they have to walk from the harbour entrance to the ship, which is kinda far.. but this year, they provide a bus.

As we went inside we were greet by the staff. Before we went in the book area, there is a brief explaination about the ship and how they tag the price. Such as, a book with price tag 100unit, the book cost RM8.00

We didnt sit around for the brief since this is the 2nd time my girlfriend went there. So, we went take a look at the history wall of the ship.

Some of the stuff and part of the history of the ship

The old Telescope

The Baronmeter

The Sextant

It never stop their mission After that, we went inside to see the books. There were a lot of people inside.

I didnt buy alot, coz not much got my attention. And i dont have enoug cash

This caught my attention.

I sill dont where.. orz

Anyway, after done buying some books, i end up bought 1 we passes the theater area and cafe area.

The menu

There were 3 foreign clown there. But we ignore them and move on.

Next to the cafe, there was a wall full of yellow note. It's full of word encouragement.

We went straight out to the exit as i wasnt feel so good due to the ship wobble to the left and right. Its been a long time i didnt get seasick.. LOL

The outside of the ship. Didnt take much photo of it, as it was still raining.

Well, thats all about my first experience of the MV Logos.

Oh btw, this is the book i bought. Its cost 200unit

Thanks for reading!
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